Are you finding it difficult to concentrate or focus on your work these days? Do you keep tripping down or keep dropping things unknowingly and find it somewhat awkward and embarrassing? Human body is a sophisticated machine which is governed by brain. The bodily functions are interrelated to this program and vice-versa. This proves that a healthy brain is the reflection of a healthy body and a well balanced and healthy body is the sign of a healthy functioning brain. It is the balance and equilibrium between these two aspects that further determines the balance of our body. It is important for a person to have a good balance of both body and mind in order to stay fit and healthy. However, there are individuals who suffer from an improper balance or whose body mechanism is unable to strike a perfect equilibrium of both the physical and the brain. The effect of this can be seen in a person’s day to day activities, while playing, walking, running, dancing, thinking etc. If you are in search of any solution to the problem of imbalance in your body, this article will provide you with information on the right balance improving exercises.

Ways of Improving Balance

Wall or Chair Poses
Balancing exercises does not require any special equipment, training or coaching. In order to perform this exercise all you need to do is to stand straight with your feet together, with one hand on the wall or at the back of a stable chair. Focus straight onto the floor, some 5 feet away from your body. When in position, lift one leg in front, bend your knee and hold for 30 seconds. Slowly let go off the wall and balance using your hands.

Another way to help improve your body balance is indulging in basic yoga. Performing yoga will help increase your concentration and focus levels and will give you both mental and physical stability, thereby improving the balance of your body.

Tree Pose
Another simple exercise to improve your body balance is to perform tree pose. To perform the exercise, stand with your feet together and place one hand on your chest, near to your heart. Now shift your weight to the right foot simultaneously placing your left foot towards the inside of your right thigh. Hold the position for around 30 seconds while breathing deeply and focusing on the ground in front of you. Repeat the same procedure with the right foot.

Balance Ball
Balance balls or vinyl workout balls are available in any shop dealing with workout machines. Exercising on this ball works out all major groups of muscles and improves your body balance. You can do push ups on the ball, you can work your arms, your back, and core abdominal muscles.

Tai Chi
Tai chi, the ancient practice of rhythmic, slow movements, a form of martial arts is also an exercise that can help improve your body balance. Tai chi involves more than 100 movements that are coordinated with breathing that helps improve balance by increasing concentration and coordination of movement of head, body, arms and legs.

Toe Stand
Another helpful exercise to improve balance is to stand on the toes and balance your body for few seconds. It is much easier than single leg stand, but is quite effective in bringing in line your body balance. The exercise will also strengthen your calf muscles.

Heel Stands
This exercise differs from the previous exercise only with regard to the position. In this exercise you will have to try and put your entire body weight on your heels and hold the position for few seconds. This is a difficult exercise compared to toe stand, since you will have to focus to prevent falling backwards.

One Leg Stand
This exercise calls for you to try and put your body weight on any one leg without any support. Try and hold the position at least for 10-15 seconds and you will find yourself improving slowly and gradually. This exercise trains your brain to focus and stay determined, thereby improving your balance.

It is important for your body to have a straight posture and maintain proper balance in order to save you from tipping over. However, there are few people who struggle with their balance. These points will teach you how to improve balance by indulging in simple exercise routine.