When it’s a party and the alcohol is flowing like it is being sourced from a stream that can never go dry, it can be extremely easy to get carried away. While you may have promised yourself to stop at one drink, the truth is that after you have downed a peg, there is really no stopping you from reaching out for another. Before you know it, you are completely sloshed. You look to your left, you look to your right, you look up and you look down, but it all seems the same to you. Your drunken world is a drunken mess. Unfortunately, it’s just not this state of drunkenness that a ‘drunk’ has to deal with. In fact, drunkenness is considerably easy to put up with. It’s the morning after or the hangover that can really hurt. If you always wanted to know how to deal best with a hangover, you have finally found your way to help. Read on to gain the keys to the best cures for a hangover. 

Best Cures for a Hangover

Most people tend to get hangover because of lack of sleep. When you have too much of alcohol and poor sleep, you are guaranteed to experience a hangover in the morning. No matter what you eat or drink, nothing can help cure a hangover like sleep. During a hangover, your body may not get a chance to go into the R.E.M state of sleep, which is the stage in which you get to rest the most. Here, you will have to make it a point to get enough sleep and the right kind of sleep and not just hours and hours of tossing and turning in the bed. 

Not many people know this, but lemon is one of the best remedies for a hangover. For getting rid of alcoholic blues, prepare and consume lemon tea. Don’t make the mistake of adding too much sugar to the tea. Adding just about a little will be fine. The juice of the lemon will help restore blood sugar levels back to normalcy. 

Tomatoes can prove to be a great remedy for a hangover. This does not mean you consume tomatoes by the dozens. It only means you drink a glass of tomato juice in the morning, right after a crazy night of drinking without restrain. For best results with your tomato juice, add a hint of lime to it. 

Vitamin B and Vitamin C
Foods that are rich in vitamin B and C can really help you cope with the predicaments posed by a hangover. Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C and B can really be of great help. Foods that are rich in vitamin B include whole grain bread, cold milk and even a citrus fruit such as an orange. As for vitamin C, you might want to consider consuming juices made from citrus fruits. The antioxidant properties that vitamin C is blessed with are guaranteed to help you deal with the blues that come as a part of a hangover. 

Most hangovers are caused due to two main reasons: lack of sleep and lack of water. Sleep can be taken care of, but water is something that you need to guzzle in gallons. Before you hit the sack after an evening of drinking, gulp down at least two glasses of water and during the course of the day, you can drink around eight to ten glasses of water. This will help you stave off all chances of dehydration and help you get rid of hangover. Apart from water, you may also want to try a sports drink or two. 

Apples, Bananas and Honey
To get the better of your hangover, almost instantly, combine two portions of apples and bananas. Add these portions to a food processor and then go on to add a generous helping of honey to the same. You can also add a quarter glass of cold milk to the processor. Blend the ingredients and drink. Don’t forget to bid farewell to your hangover at the end of it all. 

You now have the keys to cure your hangover. However, make it a point to never go overboard with your drinking spree lest you don’t want to be stuck with a nasty headache the next morning!