Answer this first - would you rather be at a lame party where nothing much is happening or be at a happening party where questions like these will not only crack you up but put you in tight spot? Answer to this may be fairly simple, but rest assured, the ones we have in store for you would be like Sophie’s Choice and are guaranteed to provide you with moments of unadulterated fun. This “would you rather” question game is based on a simple format: two choices are provided to the person from whom the question is asked, and both of which are impossible to choose if it were to happen in actuality. For example: “Would you rather be on a plane with no parachutes or on a ship with no life jackets or lifeboats?” The outcome of both the options is self explanatory but one has to be chosen, for fun’s sake, giving explanation as to why you chose what you chose. The game is enormously fun to play at any party, small get together, or even while chilling out with a bunch of friends or family members. Below is a list of “would you rather” questions to give you an idea about the type of questions. 

Would You Rather Questions

  • Would you rather be the most popular girl or boy in school for 5 whole years or have the greatest friends ever?
  • Would you rather have super powers or have Christmas never end?
  • Would you rather go to a wild concert or a relaxing and joyful spa?
  • Would you rather be king/or queen of the universe for one year or get what you want for one year?
  • Would you rather travel back in time to the year 500 B.C or meet the queen of England?
  • Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?
  • Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?
  • Knowing that you are going to die tomorrow, would you rather spend your last night with your loved one, or with your favorite celebrity?
  • Would you rather sleep on a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean with sharks circling you or swim in a HUGE lake with twenty piranhas?
  • Would you rather play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in next Pirates Movie or play the play a second fiddle to Al Pacino?
  • Would you rather kill Edward from Twilight by sucking his blood or kill Jacob by pulling out his guts?
  • Would you rather wrestle a crocodile in water or Undertaker in a caged ring?
  • Would you rather be able to lose all your old memories or never be able to make new ones?
  • Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all?
  • Would you rather be a tiny midget or a towering giant?
  • Would you rather go rock climbing without a harness or go skydiving over the ocean without a parachute?
  • Would you rather be ugly and marry a good looking person or be good looking and marry an ugly person?
  • Would you rather have yourself stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate the most?
  • Would you rather forget your sunscreen lotion or sunglasses?
  • Would you rather earn $20,000 at a job you hate or earn $10,000 at a job you love?
  • Would you rather wear all pink to school or all purple to school?
  • Would rather own a bungalow in the middle of nowhere or an apartment with all friends living nearby?
  • Would you rather own Facebook or Yahoo?
  • Would you rather have yourself to be able to teleport or go invisible at will?
  • Would you rather have an unlimited supply of chocolate or an unlimited supply of ice cream?
  • Would you rather own a five star hotel or a sports stadium?
  • Would you rather be loved by Satan or hated by God?
  • Would you rather be house arrested for a year or prison arrested for 6 months?
  • Would you rather have no one show up at your wedding or at your funeral?
  • Would you rather live to be 80 with a boring life or 40 with a great exciting life?
  • Would you rather bring world peace or eliminate hunger and diseases?
  • Would you rather love someone you can’t have or have someone you don’t love?
  • Would you rather win an Oscar for a movie that everybody hated or be a part of a movie that earned over billion dollars? 

You can either choose to make use of these questions or create all new ones using your imagination to the fullest. Have a blast at the next party!