Look up to any person and what is the first thing you notice about him? No, it isn’t his eyes, his lips, his dressing sense, his shoes, or even his way of communicating. It is his nose that forms the primary attraction since it is the most visible part on any human’s face. Pick up any magazine or photograph, or switch on the television and you’ll find people sporting the latest fashion, hottest looks, and newest styles. Plus, these celebrities even boast of their unique and attractive noses, which form a significant part of the plentiful compliments they receive. A nose is that small facial feature which makes the entire package complete and perfect. Such is the obsession of celebrities and stars that they get themselves subjected to a nose job, medically called rhinoplasty, to complete and perfect their overall looks and image. Noses come in all shapes, lengths, widths, and types, with most of them fitting into some descriptive categories. Factors, like genetics, racial affliction, and external factors play a major role in defining the shape and size of the nose. The shape of the nose has also been related with reflecting and determining the character and traits of an individual. Don’t feel nosey and glance through the following lines to know the different types of noses. 

Types of Noses 

Greek Nose
A perfectly straight nose from the top to bottom without any curves, bumps, hooks, or any form of depression in the center is called a Greek nose. Since it is straight and has a pointed tip, a Greek nose is also called a straight nose. It is referred to as the Greek nose as Greeks are considered to be extremely beautiful with perfect noses, which are smooth from base to tip. 

Hooked Nose
A hooked nose is identified by its protruding convex shape in the middle. It is extremely thin and sharp as it peaks to the bottom. Since it curves in an inward fashion, it resembles a hawk’s beak and hence, is also called a hawk nose. 

Roman Nose
A Roman nose is similar to a hawk nose, except that this kind of nose is more hooked rather than curvy because of the prominent bridge of the nose. Slightly wider than a hawk nose, a Roman nose looks very bulbous in appearance. A Roman nose is also called an aquiline nose. 

Snub Nose
Smaller in length than an ordinary nose, a snub nose has an upturned tip, which is neither too flat nor too round. The flattened top of such a nose gives it a ‘snubby’ appearance. With its button-like appearance, a snub nose looks cutesy, considered to be endearing feature in women. 

Nubian Nose
A Nubian nose is called so because of the Nubians, residing in northern Sudan and southern Egypt, who are known to possess noses falling under this category. This kind of nose is straight on the top, gradually narrows as it begins flowing down, slightly thickens and broadens as it proceeds towards the nostril area, and finally widens prominently at the end. 

Turned Up Nose
Also called a celestial nose, a turned up nose runs in a smooth line right from the eyes to the tip of the nose. The fall line of the nose ends in a slightly peaked tip with a delicate outward curve, though it is not pointed. 

Wavy Nose
The prominent bump at the tip of the nose is the main characteristic of a wavy nose. It is due to this bump that a wavy nose appears to be larger at the tip. 

Flat Nose
The wide and flared nostrils distinguish a flat nose from other types of noses. A flat nose has a short bridge but does not possess sharp contours. 

Big Nose
Noses that have long or short bridge are called big noses. However, it is the wider tips with larger nostrils that give the big nose its name. 

These are some of the many types of nose shapes observed in different people. So, which one if yours?