We often look up to the upper arms, chest, and back when it comes to strengthening our bodies and muscles. As such, hands and forearms are often neglected during the course of building muscles and improving the flexibility of our body. Considered to be the most underrated muscles in the body, the muscles of the hands and forearms are highly essential for hand and wrist strength. In fact, they play a vital role in our day-to-day activities and even sports, the most common being gripping, pinching, pulling, and pushing. Joints, muscles, and tendons merge together to create movement in the hands. For developing functional strength and building those attractive looking muscles, similar to Popeye’s, exercises for strengthening the hands are extremely significant. Not only will you be reducing your dependency upon others for fulfilling your work, but hand strengthening exercises will also aid in relieving pain from arthritis, increasing coordination and performance, and preventing injuries while playing musical instruments. To learn some simple exercises for strengthening your hands, surf through the following text. 

Hand Strengthening Exercises 

Finger Bends
To increase strength and range of motion in your hands, this simple exercise can work wonders. To start off, hold your hand straight in the air. Extend your fingers fully and hold them close together. Bend the fingers at middle and end joints, ensuring that the wrist and knuckles are straight throughout the exercise. Retain the position for 5 seconds and slowly return to the start position. Repeat 10 times to complete one set. Perform the same exercise on the other hand. 

Tip Pinches
Place your hands straight in the air and extend all the fingers wide apart. Gradually move your thumb towards the tip of your index finger. Touch the tips of the thumb and index finger, and hold the position for a second. Return to the start position and continue touching the thumb with other fingers, one by one. After each ‘pinch’, allow the fingers to rest and continue thereafter. To complete one set, make 10 repetitions for each hand. 

Squeeze Tennis Ball
Extend your right hand out straight up to shoulder level and grasp a tennis ball. Squeeze the ball as hard as possible without exerting any pressure or pain on your hand. Retain the position for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times to complete one round. Repeat on the left hand similarly. 

Finger Adduction
Place your hand straight on a flat surface, like tabletop, with the palm facing up. Keep the fingers straight and start squeezing your fingers and thumb together while holding the hand in this position. Compress as hard as possible and comfortable without causing pain. Retain the position for 5 seconds and relax. Make 10 repetitions and repeat with the other hand. 

Finger Opposition
This exercise is helpful not just for strengthening hands and fingers, but also for assisting in rehabilitating after an injury. Place your right hand over a flat surface, like a tabletop, with the palm facing up. While keeping all the fingers stabilized, lift your thumb and try touching the fifth finger. Hold the position for five seconds and relax. Graduate towards touching all other fingers, one by one. After you have completed one round, start off with touching your fifth finger to the thumb, while keeping the thumb stabilized, and proceed through all fingers. Repeat with other fingers and perform 10 times. Repeat the same exercise on the left hand. 

Wrist Extension
Grab a 2 lb. dumbbell in your left hand and extend it out in line to the waist, with the palm facing down and elbow bent close to the body. Start the exercise by slowly extending the wrist upwards towards the ceiling. Make sure that the hand faces down throughout the exercise to work against gravity and exert some pressure on the hand. Repeat 10 times to complete one set. Perform three sets. Thereafter, repeat with the right hand. 

Finger Spreads
Position your hand in the air and extend your fingers fully, while keeping them close together. Spread out your fingers slowly as wide and far apart as possible. Hold on to this position for few seconds before relaxing. Slowly bring back your fingers to the start position and repeat again. Make 10 repetitions to complete one set. Perform on the other hand as well. 

Wrist Flexion
Grasp a resistance band around your fingers and position your hand at waist level with the palm facing up. Place your elbow close to your body and bent it at 90 degrees, supported at the forearm by your other hand. Start the exercise by slowly curling up the wrist and fingers against the resistance band, while tightening your hand and forearm muscles. Repeat 10 times to complete one set. Perform 3 sets, provided it does not cause pain. Repeat with the other hand in the same manner. 

By keeping your entire body flexible and functional, including hands, you can increase your independency. This will help in avoiding depending upon others for small activities, like opening a doorway, cleansing your body, and completing your tasks, apart from preventing the risk of various medical conditions.