Abdominal muscles are probably the ones which are the most difficult to tone and maintain while working out the whole body. It is difficult to find out one exercise which helps you tone your abs down to well-formed muscles. You visit gyms and bug your instructors time and again asking them the secrets behind their Greek god-like body, but they always come up with a clichéd answer - hard work and healthy eating habits. Let us tell you a secret formula of getting those perfectly sculpted abs. The formula is doing the right exercise and in your case, the exercise regimen which should be followed is Hanging Knee Raises exercise. These are convenient and good enough for starters too. But one must be patient and regular to get the most out of this regimen as it is not some noodles that get cooked in two minutes. Though an easy exercise to maintain the abdominal area, it is quite tiresome; so should be started in small sets. There are a number of variations too which one can try to get the maximum benefit out of it. Let’s show you how it can be performed. 

How to do Hanging Knee Raises? 

  • Warming up and stretching is a must before this exercise as it is altogether an intense workout in itself. Start with hanging still on a bar; later try stretching exercises, on the bar and on the ground. It is necessary as your body needs to be flexible for this exercise and a stiff body might cause some damage to tissues.
  • Hang onto the bar with your arms apart, approximately at your shoulder’s width. Make sure that you have a good grip of the bar; crossing your legs will help.
  • Lift your knees as much as possible while maintaining a stable posture. Try raising them by putting some effort on your abdominal muscles. Bring them as close to your chest as possible and hold the position. Don’t lower your legs fully; try to retain the tension from the prior one.
  • This is a really good exercise for your hip flexors as well as your abdominal muscles as it stresses at the right points. It will work really well for you if you try some regular sets on alternate days.
  • Prevent your body from swinging, as swinging will make this exercise easier but the tension which is needed will be lost. If you want to work out your abdominal muscles and get them in good shape, then you stay as still as possible while trying to retain the momentum of the knee raises. 

Benefits of Hanging Knee Raises 

  • This is a complete workout for the abdominal muscles and hence helps in building firm and strong abs. If you workout in continuation, then it surely helps you in forming a complete physique.
  • Staying fit always helps, but this exercise will especially work out for you if you engage yourself in any athletic activity. Because this exercise works up on your abdominal muscles and helps improve the spinal stability, and in course of time, will improve your performance in sports.
  • This positively works on your grip and in turn helps you in developing muscular forearms.
  • As no complex exercising equipments are needed for this exercise it surely is cost effective and this feature also makes it an easy exercise to start working out with.
  • There are a number of variants available for this exercise; hence, you end up working out on a whole lot of areas rather than just the abdominal muscles. 

This is probably the best exercise to tone your lower abs, but will show results only when you maintain a proper posture throughout. For getting the best result it is always advised to learn it from trained fitness instructor first. Even before that, check if you even have the upper body strength to train yourself for this. Because, you may harm yourself trying to desperately do something beyond the capacity of your body strength. Never forget the key to achieving something is regularity and patience.