We live in a fast moving world and to survive, we need to be the part of this fast moving wave. We always search for those products and solutions that can offer quick results. Similarly, if we talk about health solutions, then we opt for quick solutions. Sometimes, not considering the side-effects, we opt for weight reduction pills and treatments. If other quick and effective options are available, then why to go for those solutions that can be harmful? You can opt for high impact aerobics. It is one of the types of aerobics that quickly reduces fat. High impact aerobics involves vigorous exercises, such as, running, jumping, jogging etc.  These exercises lift you off the ground and there is no or less support involved. The fast movements involved in high impact aerobics increase the blood flow and thus consume more and more oxygen. But, remember that it is not for faint-hearted. There can be various benefits to high impact aerobics that we will be discussing in the next paragraph. 

Benefits of High Impact Aerobics Exercises
If you are strong enough to do high impact aerobic exercises then they can be beneficial to you in various ways.

  • Quick reduction of fat
  • Improvement in cardiovascular function
  • Keep you mentally fit
  • Improve immunity
  • Strengthen heart
  • Reduce the amount of toxins present in our body 

All these benefits can be availed by performing high impact aerobic exercises on a regular basis. Let us now explore some of the best high impact aerobic exercises. 

Types of High Impact Aerobics Exercises 

  • Running: Have you ever seen cricket players running in the exercise session? Do you know the reason behind this? Running helps them to reduce extra fat in their body. It also improves the flow of blood and oxygen in their body and they feel comfortable while running on the field. You can also include running in your daily routine, if you are looking for quick weight reduction along with some health benefits. Running is said to be the best high impact exercise for weight loss. It is always advisable to run early in the morning because in the morning our body starts burning fat to accumulate energy. A running activity will consume more energy and hence the body will burn more fat. Apart from quick reduction in weight, running can offer you other benefits too, such as, better blood flow, better functioning of heart, improvement in the functioning of brain, flexibility and many other health benefits. So, get up, move out and start running.
  • Jumping: When was the last time when you skipped a rope? Probably, in your childhood. Well, jumping is also one of the methods of high impact aerobics for weight reduction. Jumping is a complete body work out. You can buy a rope depending on your height and start jumping. Start with a low speed and then slowly and gradually increase it. There is no need to move out for jumping, you can practice it at your home too. It strengthens the upper and lower parts of body. In the beginning, jump for 10 minutes for 3 to 5 days and then increase the duration of jumping to 20-30 minutes. You can burn calories depending on your metabolism.
  • Treadmill: Running and treadmill are similar in nature. Is this what you are thinking? You are correct to some extent, but there are certain differences between these two. Treadmill is an equipment, that is used for running. Treadmill has a meter attached to it that provides you information on amount of calories burnt and distance travelled. You can set its speed depending on your comfort level. You can also create an elevated track by increasing the height of the track. Along with a flat track, it provides you an opportunity to run on an elevated track too. If you are not comfortable on going out for running, then you can opt for a treadmill.
  • Jogging: Jogging can be performed at any pace. The jogger should have a higher stamina to keep pace with the routine. Now, the question is, how should you start with jogging? Don’t start with a fast pace. First stretch out for a while and then start jogging with a slow pace. Jog for 30 minutes at a slow pace for 3 to 4 days. Keep on increasing your pace day by day. You can reap benefits only if you jog continuously. Don’t break the routine otherwise you never notice a result. You can use an ipod or an mp3 player for an entertaining work out. Jogging will reduce your weight, strengthens your bones, slows down aging and keeps you refreshed for whole day. 

Include these high impact aerobic exercises in your routine and reap the rewards.