Has it ever happened with you that a sour taste lingers in your mouth even though you avoid all sour foods? Well, there is no concrete reason behind this, though there are a number of conditions which might lead to this kind of sensation. To wake up with a sour taste in mouth is something which everyone has experienced, but having a continuous sour taste in mouth can be a symptom of a bigger dysfunction. Sometimes it is a temporary thing and it fades away in an hour or so but with some people this becomes a persistent problem which comes back every now and then. Sour taste in mouth can happen due to a number of reasons. A few of them are temporary and can go on their own whereas a few of them need medical advice. Listed below are a few prominent causes of sour taste in mouth. 

Causes of Sour Taste in Mouth 

Commonly known as bad bheath, Halitosis is the most common reason behind this problem. Bad breath might bring a sour taste at the back of your tongue as the bacterial growth in mouth leaves a sour residue inside the mouth. 

Neurological Disorder
This is probably one of the gravest underlying reasons behind a sour taste in mouth. The brain is the faculty which receives and interprets the signals passed to it; be it the sense of smell, touch or taste. So, if you are experiencing problems related to the taste in your mouth, the reason can be that the taste nerve which conveys the signals to the brain might be damaged, thus transmitting false signals to the brain. But, in reality, this phantom sour taste is actually not there in your mouth. This can take place because of a trauma or seizures which can cause damage to the nervous system. 

Morning Sourness
This can be blamed on the anaerobic bacteria which breed at the back of your mouth and produce acids which taste sour in taste. Because of the growth of this bacterium in large quantity, the residue starts to stick to the tooth cavity and hence accumulates into large coating which can be easily felt and tasted by the tongue. 

Side Effect of a Drug
The sour taste in your mouth can be caused due to the side effect of some disease for which you are on some type of medication. This sour taste can be the result of some salts which are present in the medicine. 

Remedies for Sour Taste in Mouth 

  • Get an oral treatment done because if the problem is being caused by halitosis, then this is the way to get rid of it. For temporary relief you can always carry some mouthwash and mouth fresheners in your pocket. You should gargle a lot with an active mouthwash and mint sprays. A regular visit to the dentist can help prevent this problem.
  • If this is because of the side effect of some medicine, then ask the doctor who prescribed the medicine to change it with a substitute which does not have that side effect.
  • You should start eating healthy food as indigestion too can be a cause of the sour taste. This might be because of the GERD disease caused by acidic formation inside the stomach. If the problem still persists, then consult a doctor.
  • You should add drinking a lot of water into your diet chart. Also rinse your mouth after every major meal and after consumption of dairy products.