Bitter taste in mouth, experienced without the intake of any bitter substance, results from the alteration in the ability to taste. This condition is known as Dysgeusia. It occurs due to dysfunctioning in the taste buds and sense of smell. Our taste buds are gifted with the ability to account for nearly 10,000 different tastes; the fundamental tastes being sweet, sour, salty and bitter taste. The bitter taste can be classified as permanent bitter taste and temporary bitter taste. The former results from long-term smoking or damage to mouth or nose, whereas the latter results from bad oral health, long medications and also from pregnancy. The following subsection gives information about various possible causes and remedies of bitter taste in mouth. Have a look. 

Causes of Bitter Taste in Mouth 

Dental Infection
The bitter taste in mouth is experienced due to poor dental conditions including infections like bleeding gums. Possibly the change in taste may have occurred as a result of high sensitivity to teeth filling. 

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Change in taste may have occur due to acid reflux disease. It happens when the acid in the abdomen start flowing back to the throat. Subsequently, bitter taste is experienced in the mouth at the time of taking meals. It is caused by odd eating habits, intake of fat-enriched and spicy food and excessive intake of food. 

Esophageal Achalasia
Bitterness can be experienced if the person is having problems in esophagus, the tube transporting food from mouth to abdomen. It is not a disease but a symptom of cancer, infection by a parasite or some inherited disease. It can be recognized easily when the person having bitter taste also complains about heartburn, cough and difficulty in ingesting solids as well as liquids. 

Several Medications
Many times common antibiotics, painkillers, antidepressants and prenatal vitamins leave bitter taste in mouth as the side effect of their intake. Such problem is usually noticed among pregnant women (taking prenatal vitamins) and people taking prescribed drugs to get rid of depression and stress. 

Intake of Pine Nuts
Many studies have accounted against the intake of rotten pine nuts as they result in bitter taste in mouth. It is not always experienced quite after eating a pine nut, but after some days of its ingestion. 

Hormonal Imbalance
A woman experiences the bitterness in her mouth due to changes in hormones. This usually occurs during periods or at the time of pregnancy due to variation in the estrogen levels. 

Poor Oral Hygiene
The bitter taste can be found in mouth due to bad oral habits. There may be bacteria and germs deposited in the mouth which causes bitterness. That is why the dentist asks you to brush your teeth twice regularly. 

Remedies for Bitter Taste in Mouth 

  • One of the reasons for bitter taste is the accretion of germs and bacteria in mouth. The best solution to fight against such accumulation is to brush your teeth regularly and including the use of medicated mouthwash in your daily routine. Once you become habitual to this routine, you will never complain about bitter taste.
  • Another way to fight bitterness is to brush your teeth with the solution of baking soda and salt. This will help you remove plaque from teeth and will protect them from dental infections.
  • The bitter taste can be resolved very easily by enhancing the production of saliva. This can be achieved by intake of fruits enriched with citrus acid. If you are fond of fruit juice, drink fresh juice of orange or lemon and you will never complain about the bitterness in taste.
  • One can also use cinnamons and cloves to curtail the bitter taste.
  • If one is suffering from acid reflux disease, one should make some changes in the eating habits. Avoiding spicy food and taking small and timely meals will be of great help.  
  • If the bitter taste is diagnosed due to serious diseases like esophageal achalasia, consultation with doctor is recommended. The patient is kept under keen observation and several tests like esophageal manometry and upper GI x-ray are conducted, post which various therapies and medications are prescribed. 

In short, the bitter taste in mouth is not a very serious situation. Proper health care, and oral hygiene prevent its occurrence to a large extent.