The difference between kids and adults in terms of exercise is that most kids love exercising and most adults don’t! If your children enjoy the outdoors and like to scamper around and play, then why not make it more fun for them? Exercises are meant to build children physically, just as they are getting trained academically in school. Karen Sessions once rightly said - “Lack of exercise robs the body of an essential ingredient”. According to the ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO), children who are obese in their youth have complications later on in life. Exercising these days has become more of a task when compared to earlier times. This is because technology has taken over our lives completely. Planning a child’s workout routine for the day will make you want to indulge in the exercise too! If you are worried about your child’s health, make sure you read some of these fun exercises for kids and incorporate them in your child’s daily play time routine.

Fun Workouts For Kids 

This probably has to be the most favourite games that girls love. This game gets the child to throw, jump, hop, bend and restore balance. Make about 11 squares and number them consecutively. Attach each square to the other, but arrange them in any shape. The child has to throw a stone from the number one and reach out and hop back to the start line after picking the stone up. This goes on till the last number is reached. This form of exercise gets your child’s cardio working and increases his or her metabolism.

Most kids love dancing because they are not conscious of their movements. Play some pleasurable music, for instance music from famous tracks, assemble your kids and their friends and have a dance off or a dance party! They will call you the coolest parent ever and they are going to love you to death for this! Buy dance mats to make it seem more original. This gets your children to lose some of the calories from the chocolate sauce they just consumed or the fatty burgers they ate for lunch! Dancing not only improves blood circulation, but will make the kids feel good about themselves as well.

No, we are not talking of shooting with a gun! Make paper balls from waste paper and keep them at a certain distance behind a basket. Draw a line and make all the kids stand in a row. Each one gets a turn to aim and shoot into the basket. The one with the maximum number of hits wins! This game helps in increasing concentration and arm strength.

No kid would deny his or her love for running! Organize races in different forms such as sack race, relays, duck rack, running and catching, tag, hide and seek etc. For example, in a sack race all the children are given sacks for their feet and they have to jump to the finish line in them. The winner takes a prize home! Races are typically meant to raise the body’s metabolism by increasing the heart beat rate.

Family Exercises
There is nothing like doing things together. In this way, the whole family benefits and everyone will be strong and healthy! Take a walk in the woods, go hiking every month, go river rafting or use a pedal boat, go biking or indulge in some miniature golf. All these workouts improve balance and build endurance.

These are a few fun exercises for kids keeping in mind exercise, cardio, coordination, balance and strength. You can feel free to come up with imaginative games you think your kids are going to enjoy as well.