Eleanor Roosevelt quoted, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Truly said, how can you own something that you haven’t bought? Every human being is surrounded by negative echoes of the past which simply do not wish to exit from your present. Those unkind words and insults hurled during childhood and past days can be a major hurdle in moving ahead in the future confidently. The worthless treatment is sufficient to virtually trap any person and overcome it for quite a long time. But nevertheless, the person, who accepts defeat and deceit and transforms it into a useful opportunity, only achieves success. And for fulfilling dreams and accomplishing goals, building the right amount of self esteem is highly essential. But if you aren’t able to leave behind your past lest it will interfere with your future, here are some tips to raise your confidence. Check them out!  

Tips For Building Self Esteem

Accept Yourself! Remember, not all human beings are born with the same perfection. While some excel in some areas, others show their talent in other areas. The earlier you accept this reality, the better it will be for you to work on your positive aspects. Memorize this mantra and repeat it many a times everyday. Let your mind and body accept that you cannot shine in all fields, and hence, it is no point cribbing over something that you cannot achieve. Focus on what you are excellent at and work hard on those areas. This will help you build self esteem and confidence in the areas that you can easily accomplish rather than trying in those areas that are not your cup of coffee.  

Listen To Yourself!
You’ve been listening and attending to others’ needs and wants. It’s time that you listen to what your body, mind, and heart are speaking to you. If your body is tired of sitting down for too long, get up and stretch out a little. If you wish to meet your friend and spend time with him/her, give a call and do it. And if you are longing to clean your room since days but haven’t got time to do so, do not think further and do it instantly. After all, take those thoughts seriously as you’d been with others’ thoughts and emotions.  

Keeping your body glued to a certain position for prolonged durations makes you feel more stressed out and exhausted. Moving your body frequently will help you feel better and improve your self esteem. Take out some time from your everyday routine to carry out some form of outdoor exercise. You can do anything that pleases you, such as cycling, playing a sport, dancing to the music, or climbing stairs up and down several times. Do anything that catches your attention. However, if you have any health problems, consult your doctor to prescribe you the right of physical activities.  

Convert Negative Into Positive!
Most people have a common habit of sending negative messages to themselves. They generally start from childhood through different sources, such as teachers, family members, friends, caregivers, from the media, or even from the society. These messages become your friends, particularly when you are feeling lonely or fall sick. They do not help you feel better; instead, they reduce your self esteem to great extents. Time to convert them into positive thoughts! Note down all your negative thoughts as and when you become aware of them. Consult your close friend or counselor to help you out with transforming the negative moods into positive attitude.  

Do Things You Enjoy!
It’s only because you are so busy that you don’t get time to spend a couple minutes even with yourself. This only adds to your agony of indulging in negative thoughts. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing, such as flying a kite, going fishing, playing a musical instrument, or making craft projects. Allot each day for one hobby/interest to do. Then take out some time from your so-called busy schedule and do that activity. Soon, you will discover that you are enjoying it, which will help you think outside the box and induce in more self esteem.   Now, you know what makes you happy. Go ahead and grab all those opportunities out there for that big fat smile on your face displaying intense self esteem!