You might have come across movies in which the hero plucks the petals in order to find out whether or not the girl loves her. But, even after plucking the petals of all the roses in your garden you find yourself nowhere close to the answer and if the confusion in your mind is still twirling around, you are need of a different approach. Well, the first step you can take in order to find whether she loves you or not is to believe the fact that you are not the only guy stuck in this whirlpool of confusion. You can totally agree upon fact that girls are mystic beings that derives pride as well as seek pleasure from the continuous inability of the opposite sex to understand, comprehend and decode their deceptive and sophisticated feelings. Moreover with dating becoming merely a seasonal game it has become difficult to believe anyone. Though, decoding girls feelings is not an easy task, it is not impossible as well. All it takes to know her feelings is careful observation and reading of the indirect signs that she give. Mentioned below are some simple ways to tell she loves you or not. Look for these signs to look through the clouds of confusion, her real feelings for you.

Ways To Tell She Loves You

Frequent Calls
One of the simplest ways to find out the seriousness of your girlfriend’s commitment is by noticing the frequency of calls she make to you. If you receive calls and messages from her frequently and without asking, it means that she is truly committed to you. It is a good sign for you which should give you enough confidence on her love.

Dreams About Future
If your girl often talks about the future with you, dreams about the life ahead and what you both will be doing together, then she is completely into you. Futuristic thinking is one of the signs of committed relationship and proves that your girl wants you as a part of her future life.

Buys You Gifts
One ways in which girls show their love towards you is by shopping or you and by showering you with small gifts every now and then. This shows the care and concern she holds for you. Therefore, if your girlfriend has started buying you gifts, relax back since she is getting serious about the relationship.

Interested In Your Past
Boys usually get annoyed when girlfriends start scratching out your past history. But, it is actually a good sign since it is only the girls who are serious about you will show interest in knowing about your past. If she is madly in love with you she will surely show interest in your childhood, your family and other aspects from your past that will give her a clear picture of your today.

Introduces You To Friends
One of the signs that your girl is truly in love with you is when she takes interest in introducing you to her friends. You might even notice that these friends already have heard enough about you and meeting you is just a formality. Take this as a good sign and make sure to mingle with her friends well and to leave a good impression.

Wishes To Meet Your Parents
Another sign to look for in order to decide whether or not she loves you is that whether or not she wants to meet your parents. If she loves you, you will find her keen in meeting your parents and knowing more about you from them and learn how you developed into a man she fell in love.

Makes Sacrifices
If your girl has stopped her regular routine like going out with her friends every Friday night or visiting her parents on the weekend, you should feel happy since she is really in love with you. These are small sacrifices that she makes in order to give you more time.

Girls are mysterious beings and to learn whether or not the one you love have the same feelings for you is a difficult task. Every time you meet the girl of your dreams, the question does she loves me might haunt you. All you require is to look for little signs from her portraying her true feelings.