Memory loss, which in simple words means extreme forgetfulness, is a natural and common phenomenon in old people. Most people, young and old, do forget certain things in their day to day lives. This however cannot be termed as memory loss. Also known as amnesia, memory loss is that condition when a person fails to recall several incidents of the past on a regular basis. Memory loss may be complete or partial. Also, sometimes amnesia is only a temporary phase in a person’s life, while for some it may be a permanent phase often leading to other ailments such as Alzheimer’s. Though ageing is listed as one of the chief causes of memory loss, old age is not the only reason which leads to amnesia. Medical practitioners have spoken about a number of other reasons such as a brain hemorrhage, stress and so on as the possible cause of amnesia. Here is a list of the other causes of memory loss, the symptoms that the ailment shows and its treatment.  

Causes Of Memory Loss

  • Stress and tension is one of the chief causes of memory loss in the present age. Thanks to the present lifestyle, people are always worried and stressed out. The stress and tension is the result of overworking the mind. When the human mind takes upon itself more load than it can handle, the past events often get erased out of memory. This is a temporary phase and can be cured if you give your mind some rest.
  • A kid suffering from malnutrition is likely to be affected by amnesia. The lack of essential vitamins in the body damages the brain and causes memory loss.
  • An alcoholic gradually becomes amnesic. His disease may become permanent if he does not stop consuming alcohol.
  • Impairment of the brain through dementia occurs in old people. Dementia can be detected through blood tests and can also be cured. But if left without treatment, it can aggravate, causing total memory loss.

Symptom Of Memory Loss

  • If an individual finds it difficult to perform a task in spite of the fact that he has done it correctly in the past, and is all the time confused and perplexed as to what is to be done, he/she might be suffering from memory loss.
  • If a person finds it difficult to choose the correct words to express his feelings and this occurs repeatedly, he/she is moving towards amnesia. Incoherence mostly occurs when a person is unable to comprehend the present situation and emote what he/she is feeling or feels.
  • Taking into consideration the kind of multi-tasking people are involved in today, it is natural for someone to forget minor details. But if the person forgets the most obvious details like dates, names of people whom he/she is close to, a place that he/she often visits or asks the same questions repeatedly, it is an early sign of amnesia.
  • It is not natural for a grown up person to get lost in a locality that he/she has visited in the past. If an individual loses track of roads in familiar territory, it is a symptom of memory loss.

Treatment Of Memory Loss  

There are several of medicines that doctors prescribe today for patients suffering memory loss. The most common among them are calcium channel blockers, vitamin B substitutes, cholesterol lowering medicines and so on.  

Follow A Routine
Apart from medicines, it is important for a patient of amnesia to maintain a regular lifestyle. He should eat meals at the same time every day, take his bath, go for walks and complete his daily chores at regular periods of time. This will help condition his brain to remember events.  

Diet plays a major role in treating a person and curing him from memory loss. Consume food rich in omega 3 like nuts and sea fish. Omega 3 helps in making the brain more alert to the person’s surroundings and stimulates memory. Consumption of herbs like Huperzine and Ginkgo Biloba are instrumental in stimulating the brain cells of the old and curing memory loss.   Remember, memory loss or amnesia is not akin to madness. Do not discriminate a man suffering from memory loss from others.